Ukraine Military Deploys Anti-Tank Robot – Ratel S

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Military

Ukraine’s Brave1, a military technology cluster, has introduced an innovative solution to counter Russian aggression on its territory. They’ve developed a ground-based kamikaze robot known as Ratel S, capable of delivering precise strikes from a secure distance, as reported by Defence Blog.

In response to Russia’s incursion into Ukrainian territory starting in February 2022, Ukraine has demonstrated remarkable ingenuity in the military realm. Previously, Interesting Engineering highlighted Ukraine’s use of cost-effective drones to thwart Russian tanks in the early stages of the conflict.

In a recent development, Ukraine has unleashed the Ratel S, a ground-based robot with kamikaze capabilities. What sets this robot apart?

Ratel S is specifically designed to enable Ukrainian forces to launch attacks on Russian tanks and fortifications while maintaining a safe distance. Despite its appearance resembling a toy monster truck, this electrically operated robot can reach speeds of up to 15 miles (24 km) per hour.

On the battlefield, the Ratel S can operate for up to two hours on a full charge, providing the flexibility to wait for the right moment to detonate an anti-tank mine or bomb placed on its back. Operators can control the robot from anywhere within a range of 3.72 miles (6 km), ensuring their safety while delivering maximum damage. Notably, Ratel S has successfully passed all field tests and is transitioning to production, as shared by Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s former Vice Prime Minister, in a video demonstration.

The introduction of Ratel S augments Ukraine’s arsenal, showcasing the nation’s agility in responding to threats during this ongoing conflict. Ukraine’s innovative spirit extends to its naval capabilities, as the country became the first in the world to deploy a fleet of naval drones. These advancements have empowered Ukraine to counter Russian aggression and reduce its reliance on Western powers for essential weaponry. The role of technology clusters like Brave1 has been pivotal in facilitating these achievements.

So, what exactly is Brave1?

Prior to the Russian conflict, Ukraine was already a hub of military innovation, engaging in diverse areas of military technology, including weaponry and aerospace. In response to the invasion, various Ukrainian government departments joined forces to expedite the development and deployment of these innovations. These collaborative entities include the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, according to Defence Blog.

Innovations like Ratel S represent a cost-effective and swift means of engaging adversaries from a safe distance. This marks a new era of warfare where drones and robots are proving to be more effective than traditional battle tanks.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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