TelemaxTM EVO Unmanned Ground Vehicle – Advanced Features and Capabilities

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Military

AeroVironment published a video on X of its TelemaxTM EVO PRO unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) recovering from an overturn.

TelemaxTM EVO UGVs, offer a range of advanced features and capabilities that make them ideal for various missions, including those in demanding conditions. These rugged, all-terrain UGVs are equipped with precision manipulators, autonomous functionality, and intuitive operation. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of TelemaxTM EVO UGVs and how they can enhance mission success.

Precision Manipulation and Tool Center Point Control

TelemaxTM UGVs come equipped with precision manipulators featuring Tool Center Point Control. This technology allows for automatic tool exchange and supports numerous preprogrammed motion sequences. This level of precision control ensures that operators can perform tasks with accuracy.

QuadView for Comprehensive Situational Awareness

The QuadView feature provides operators with up to four high-definition video images, including pan-tilt-zoom and 360° camera views. This functionality ensures that operators have an overview of the operational situation, enhancing situational awareness during missions.

Robo Command Controller for Intuitive Operation

TelemaxTM UGVs are operated using the Robo Command Controller, which features an intuitive multi-touch screen and ergonomically designed hand controller. This controller allows operators to perform pinpoint operations with ease, whether controlling a single UGV or multiple robots and accessories simultaneously.

Secure Communications with Onboard IP Mesh Radio Network

TelemaxTM UGVs are equipped with an Onboard IP Mesh Radio Network, which includes optional repeaters. This network ensures secure communications, even in complex urban environments. Operators can count on reliable and secure communication when it matters most.

Expansive Payload Bay for Mission Efficiency

TelemaxTM UGVs feature an expansive payload bay that allows operators to carry a full complement of tools, disruptors, and sensors. This eliminates the need for round-trip load-outs, saving valuable time during missions.

Door Breach (Video Credit: AeroVironment)

Telemax EVO PLUS – Maximum Lifting Capacity

The Telemax EVO PLUS is the largest and most potent UGV in the TelemaxTM lineup. With exceptional lifting capacity of up to 176 pounds (80 kg) and a double payload bay, it is the ideal choice for the most demanding situations.

Telemax EVO HYBRID – Size and Strength Balance

The Telemax EVO HYBRID strikes a perfect balance between size and strength. It can fit into confined spaces while lifting up to 82 pounds (37 kg), making it well-suited for EOD and CBRNE applications.

Telemax EVO PRO – Compact Design with Extended Reach

The Telemax EVO PRO features a compact design and a seven-axis telescopic manipulator, making it ideal for accessing hard-to-reach locations. With a lifting capacity of 44 pounds (20 kg), it offers versatility and precision.

Integration with Robo Command Control Station

All TelemaxTM EVO and tEODor™ EVO UGVs seamlessly integrate with the Robo Command Control Station. This station provides uniform command and control, enabling multi-robot operations without the need for individualized operator training. It offers a 12-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen and ergonomic control options.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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