AeroVironment Announces Acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Military

AeroVironment announced its acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics, a developer of military AI-enabled robotic control systems. This acquisition is reportedly set to unlock deeper integration between the technologies of both companies, resulting in heightened interoperability and interconnectivity of unmanned systems.

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By facilitating seamless information exchange across various domains through a single, unified controller, this integration empowers military personnel to efficiently operate a range of connected robotic solutions on the battlefield. The acquisition agreement solidifies AeroVironment’s acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics, encompassing 100% of the latter’s equity. The total purchase price of $120 million will be disbursed through a combination of cash and stock.

Tomahawk Robotics, co-founded by Brad Truesdell and Matt Summer in 2018, is the driving force behind the Kinesis Ecosystem. Central to the Kinesis system, is an AI-enhanced and open architecture common control platform. It integrates a network of battle-proven unmanned expeditionary vehicles, sensors, and third-party software onto a single, intuitive interface.

AeroVironment’s CEO and Chairman, Wahid Nawabi, emphasized the significance of the acquisition, noting that it brings both a talented team and a respected brand into the fold. Tomahawk Robotics will be integrated into AeroVironment’s Unmanned Systems segment, specifically the small UAS (SUAS) business unit. The integration will also extend Tomahawk Robotics’ solutions to AeroVironment’s expansive network of over 55 allied nations.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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