UBTECH to Release UGOT an Educational Robotics Kit

by | Aug 19, 2023 | Educational

UBTECH has announced it will release a new robotics kit, UGOT which started as a Kickstarter project, targeted at the consumer/educational market. The kit reportedly will offer a wide range of capabilities and operating modes including incorporating AI capabilities.

The robotics kit is designed to provide users with a simple and engaging way to learn about advanced robotics while constructing 7+ types of robots including:

    1. Mecanum Wheel Car
    2. Quadruped
    3. Infantry Vehicle
    4. Spider
    5. Self-Balancing
    6. Transforming Car
    7. Wheeled-Legged

    The robotics kit’s price and release date have not been announced, but there is a UGOT website where you may sign up to be updated.

    by: Bill Parson

    by: Bill Parson

    Bill is an accomplished editor with a passion for robotics and emerging technologies. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for concise communication, he plays a pivotal role in developing and publishing content for SimplyBots. His deep interest in the field of robotics stems from his fascination with the potential of intelligent machines to transform various aspects of our lives.
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