Clearpath Robotics Releases a New Lift Column for Ridgeback

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Industrial

Clearpath Robotics announced a new height-adjustable lift column for their Ridgeback Omnidirectional Indoor Mobile Platform. The column is programmable through ROS and configured with MoveIt and is available through Clearpath robotics Integration services.

Video Credit: Clearpath Robotics

A programmable lift column has been seamlessly integrated into the robot, offering adjustable vertical height. Leveraging a ROS driver, the robot can effectively communicate commands for movement control and feedback. This integration also incorporates the MoveIt! framework for advanced motion planning and manipulation tasks. The adaptable lift column allows the robot to modify its height and position as needed, optimizing performance at workstations and lab environments.

The robot has been equipped with dual Kinova Gen3 manipulators. These manipulators possess sufficient payload capacity and maneuverability to handle small parts, making them well-suited for laboratory scenarios. The lift column extends the reach of the Gen3 arms, enabling them to interact more effectively with their surroundings. Notably, the robot’s torso achieves a height equivalent to 90% of the average human adult, granting it a competitive edge in human-centric environments.

In addition to the inherent IMU, Hokuyo LiDAR, and odometry sensors within the Ridgeback base, enhancements have been made by incorporating an Ouster LiDAR and a ZED camera. These additions enhance the robot’s navigation capabilities in human-populated environments.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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