Xiaomi Introduces CyberDog 2: Their Next-Gen Quadruped Robot Dog

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Educational

Xiaomi has introduced CyberDog 2, marking the evolution of its first-gen CyberDog, initially launched back in 2021. This robot dog represents a significant leap forward in design and functionality from the previous generation.

Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2

Diverging from its predecessor’s design inspired by Boston Dynamics’ Spot, the CyberDog 2 boasts a truly distinctive aesthetic. Its reimagined form draws inspiration from a Doberman, complete with details, including petite ears on both sides of its head. This design choice imbues CyberDog 2 with a resemblance to a genuine canine companion, setting it apart from the previous generation.

There is also a considerable reduction in size and weight compared to its predecessor. Weighing a mere 8.9 kg and standing at a height of 36.7 cm, this robot dog is much small and lighter than a real Doberman.

CyberDog 2 – Full Presentation

Mobility with CyberGear Micro-Actuators

Xiaomi incorporated its proprietary CyberGear micro-actuators, elevating CyberDog 2’s mobility. These advanced actuators reportedly provide the robot with enhanced agility, enabling complex maneuvers like continuous backflips and swift fall recovery. CyberDog 2 also contains a sophisticated decision-making system, harnessing the power of 19 dedicated sensors, encompassing vision, touch, and auditory capabilities.

This sensor array includes an array of features, such as an RGB camera, an interactive AI-backed camera, four Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, a cutting-edge LiDAR sensor, a depth camera, an ultrasonic sensor, a fisheye lens sensor, a force sensor, and two Ultra Wide Band sensors. It also integrates four microphones and seamlessly integrates with the renowned Xiaomi AI voice algorithm.

Processing Power

CyberDog 2’s intelligence is powered by its NX processor and two co-processors, collectively delivering 21 TOPS of computational power. This computational prowess underpins the robot’s ability to process intricate tasks with exceptional efficiency.


The price for the CyberDog 2 is 12,999 yuan, approximately 1,790 USD. It is planned to be initially made available in China.

by: Jill Madison

by: Jill Madison

Raised in New York City by parents who are electrical engineers, Jill was easy prey for entry into the field of electrical engineering, where she worked on designing engine control systems for a number of large auto manufacturers. She developed an "interest" in robotics during this period of time and decided to fuel her interest by reporting on the topic.

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