Introducing Beastro: A Kitchen Robot for Simultaneous Culinary Creations

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Industrial

Meet Beastro, a kitchen robot capable of whipping up a delectable chicken Caesar salad, savory spaghetti Bolognese, succulent teriyaki steak, and creamy chicken penne alfredo—all at once! But that’s not all – Beastro doesn’t stop at cooking; it even tackles the washing up. Developed by Kitchen Robotics, an Israeli-based robotics company, provides a commercial kitchen chef with an additional set of versatile hands.

Beastro measures out ingredients from an array of feeders, cooks and stirs dishes for the specified durations, achieving a reported output of up to 75 dishes per hour.

Beastro by Kitchen Robotics

This kitchen robot features a robotic arm that collects ingredients from 12 liquid feeders (including water, oils, and sauces) and 23 non-liquid feeders (comprising chopped tomatoes, vegetables, meats, and more). The robot stirs and cooks, following a predefined recipe instruction set. Beastro’s also does dishes, pots are cleaned and sterilized in its built-in dishwasher after each use.

Although Beastro reportedly streamlines routine kitchen tasks, it currently requires human involvement. It doesn’t handle tasks like washing and chopping raw ingredients, and some larger items such as halved avocados or whole eggs remain beyond its reach. The presentation and garnishing of dishes post-cooking are also human tasks.

A couple of Beastro units are already in service. A bank in Tampa, Florida, relies on Beastro to cater to its 750 employees, along with an educational establishment in Miami, Florida.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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