Rocsys Secures $36 Million Series A Funding to Expand Autonomous Charging Solutions for Electric Transportation

by | Jul 13, 2023 | General News

Rocsys, a leading autonomous charging solutions provider for electric transportation, has announced a successful $36 million Series A funding round. Led by SEB Greentech Venture Capital, the funding will facilitate the expansion of Rocsys’ platform capabilities and support its growth in the United States and Europe. The company’s approach combines soft robotics, AI-based computer vision, and data-driven services to transform existing chargers into autonomous systems, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Rocsys’ solution ensures regulatory compliance, reduces operator errors, and enhances the uptime of vehicles, making it applicable to a wide range of vehicles, from consumer cars to heavy-duty industrial equipment.

Rocsys – Autonomous Charging

EV adoption, boosted by substantial funding from programs like the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, is driving the need for more charging infrastructure and investments from automakers. Rocsys’ autonomous charging technology may play a role in meeting uptime standards for charging operators and reducing wear and tear. It is estimated to increase fast-charging station throughput by up to 20% and reduce CO2 emissions by 400 million tons by 2035.

With the Series A funding, Rocsys aims to expand its breakthrough solution to customers and industries worldwide. The company has formed partnerships with logistics providers, manufacturers, and international corporations such as Hyster, Taylor Machine Works, and SSA Marine. Additionally, Rocsys leads the ROCIN-ECO consortium, consisting of automakers like AUDI, Porsche, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz, aiming to establish an interoperable and standardized robotic fast-charging infrastructure across European transportation routes.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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