Introducing Lite3: Deep Robotics’ New Quadrupedal Robot Dog for Education and Research

by | May 31, 2023 | Educational

Deep Robotics, a developer of quadrupedal robots for industrial applications, announced the launch of the latest version of its intelligent robot dog, Lite3. Designed with advanced mobility and an open modular structure, this four-legged robot is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of education, research, and innovative entertainment.

The Lite3 series comprises four product models, each serving a distinct purpose. The basic model is for technology enthusiasts, while the three advanced versions are specifically designed for scientific study applications.

Featuring Deep Robotics’ latest proprietary limb joints, control systems, and advanced algorithms, the Lite3 robot reportedly has enhanced movement capabilities, offering powerful, quick, and durable performance. Its scalability is a standout feature, allowing for the installation of additional modules to expand its functionalities.

The Lite quadruped robotics series is in use in over a dozen countries, including North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, and select parts of Asia like Japan and South Korea. The Lite3 series is available for pre-order on Deep Robotics’ official website and can also be purchased through authorized local resellers in Europe.

by: Jill Madison

by: Jill Madison

Raised in New York City by parents who are electrical engineers, Jill was easy prey for entry into the field of electrical engineering, where she worked on designing engine control systems for a number of large auto manufacturers. She developed an "interest" in robotics during this period of time and decided to fuel her interest by reporting on the topic.

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