Skyline Robotics Awarded Patent for OZMO

by | May 19, 2023 | Industrial

Skyline Robotics, the creators of OZMO, the world’s pioneering robot for cleaning high-rise windows, announced today that the company has been granted its first patent for its window-cleaning system. Singapore has awarded the patent, encompassing both the system’s design and its operational principles. Skyline has also filed for patents in nine other jurisdictions worldwide, with Singapore being the first to independently assess and validate the company’s groundbreaking advancements.

Recognized as a recipient of the 2023 RBR50 innovation award, Skyline Robotics has revolutionized the automation of skyscraper window cleaning with its unique solution.

Skyline’s OZMO

Skyline Robotics secures its first patent at a time when the company is actively expanding on a global scale. The initial deployment of Ozmo robots has already taken place in New York City through a partnership with Platinum, Inc. Skyline has successfully conducted window cleaning operations at prominent locations such as 10 Hudson Yards, 383 Madison, 825 3rd Avenue, and 7 World Trade Center. Looking ahead, Skyline’s vision is to introduce Ozmo to buildings worldwide.

At the heart of Skyline’s flagship robot, OZMO, lies a fusion of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, advanced robotics, and sensors. This integration addresses crucial industry challenges, including labor shortages and worker safety concerns. OZMO enables window washing to be completed up to three times faster than human workers while eliminating risks to their well-being. It is important to note that OZMO does not replace human window washers but paves the way for a collaborative future where humans and robots work together harmoniously. As a result, Skyline Robotics offers a smarter, faster, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional human window washers.

by: SimplyBots

by: SimplyBots

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