Terabase Energy Launcing Terafab to Automated Solar Plant Construction

by | May 14, 2023 | General News, Industrial

Terabase Energy, a company that provides digital and automation solutions for solar power plants, has launched Terafab, the first-ever digital field factory for the construction of solar power plants. The factory approach will increase installation productivity by two times over traditional methods. Terafab combines a digital twin of the project site, advanced supply chain and inventory management systems, an on-site wireless digital command center, a field-deployed automated assembly line, and specialized installation rovers. The Woodland, California, Terafab manufacturing facility will be the factory that produces the Terafab assembly lines, with a capacity to build more than 10 GW of Terafabs per year.

The Terafab system offers several benefits, such as faster construction, improved worker health and safety, alleviation of labor shortages, reduced construction cost, and scalability. The system is a game-changer in the construction of solar power plants, offering a comprehensive solution that merges cutting-edge construction automation with a sophisticated digital system. The system successfully field-tested Terafab last year, building 10 MW of a 400 MW site in Texas, and will now be commercially deployed on several projects starting in Q3 2023.

Several leaders in the solar industry have applauded Terabase’s progress in achieving this milestone. Sheldon Kimber, CEO and founder of Intersect Power, said that Terabase’s technology exemplifies their commitment to delivering industrial-scale, clean infrastructure to combat the climate crisis. Dan Shugar, Founder, and CEO of Nextracker, believes that Terafab’s potential to significantly advance large-scale solar construction aligns with their vision of a renewably powered world. Nick Strevel, VP of Product at First Solar, believes that their partnership with Terabase not only brings advanced installation technology to their next-generation Series 7 solar module but also enables a closed-loop packaging recycling system consistent with their vision of responsible solar.

by: Bill Parson

by: Bill Parson

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